The APC President Addresses the Nation


Fellow South Africans,




Welcome to The APC

The African People’s Convention (APC) was founded on the 5th September 2007, precisely to fill the political void that existed since the advent of Democracy in 1994.

It was formed to be the alternative Voice, the voice of the voiceless.
The voice that will never betray the revolution, but will advance it to ensure that freedom and democracy have material meaning to all the citizens of the Country.

The Party of the left, the Party that is steeped firmly on the values and traditions of the liberation movement.

The Party that is guided by the revolutionary mass-line of people centeredness and popular democracy.

 APC Strategic Objectives:

  • Rally to defend and advance the right to national self determination.
  • Strive for Africanist Socialist Democracy.
  • Promote the ideal of unifying Africa and the African Diaspora.
  • Promote international solidarity among progressive forces.

APC Leadership:

President : Themba Godi.

Deputy : Nkosinsthi Mahala

National Chairperson: Enerst Hlathi

Secretary General: Paseka oa Moshwadiba.

Deputy : David Maluleke

Treasurer General: Mandla  Mokoena

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