African People’s Convention Year end Message to the Nation

African People’s Convention Year end Message to the Nation


For immediate  release

31st December 2011


The APC takes this opportunity to wish all citizens a Happy 2012


As 2011 draws to a close we look back with mixed sentiments.

2011 has been a defining year for the APC.

We participated in the LGE and emerged stronger.

In terms of performance the APC did better than in 2009 NPE .We surpassed at least b4 other parties  represented in parliament who had better results than us in 2009.


We also held our Historic and First elective national congress in Mangaung Free State on 16th to 18th December 2011. This Congress not only Elected the full complement of the National Leadership of the APC that is its Central Executive Committee (CEC) it also adopted its guide for the next 5 years researched to as MAKOMBANDLELA the Revolutionary Program of the APC.


For the Nation 2011 has been a bad year.

Unemployment has remained stubbornly high.

The Economy was sluggish and shedding jobs.

This has been impacted upon by the economic crisis in Europe and America.


Para going transformation has remained a buzz word but the inequalities the wealth ownership and distribution pattern remained as designed under white minority rule.

The performance of government remains patchy and unsatisfactory.


Inefficiency, incompetence Instability and rising corruption remains the hallmark of a government without a  proper centre that holds.


These malaises not only affect service delivery but also threatens the legitimacy of the ANC as a liberation party.


The year also saw the rising tension in the ruling party as it prepares for its centenary and elective congress next year.

The ANC is no longer invisible.

As we approach 2012the APC does so with the momentum of its historic congress at its back.


The APC will intensify its work as a party of campaigns informed by its Makombandlela Program Document  


Focusing amongst others  on issues affecting Traditional Leaders, Police Reservists, Housing Issues, Land claimants and general agrarian reforms       

Mobilising churches and labour under the APC.


We intend to raise fundamental questions about how freedom and democracy has translated into a better quality of life for the masses because the continued gut wrenching poverty of the majority makes no sense of the wonderful constitution that we have.


Surely the majority deserves better 2012 should not just mean the passage of time in the relentless march into an undefined future.

Government and the Captains of Industry must meaningfully respond to the poor conditions of the majority.

2012will be a defining year failure to change things for the better will expose Government and the Captains of industry to the lightend anger and frustration of the poor majority.


Our Freedom  and democracy has  hugely  benefited  the Captains of  Industry and a few politically connected individuals

The APC intends in 2012 to assert itself firmly as the legitimate voice of the masses the voice of the democratic LEFT in South Africa.


We wish the matriculates of 2011 all of the best with their results  next week

We call on the Department of Higher education and training as well as Tertiary Institutions to make sure that all deserving students are afforded the space and the means to further their studies


Lastly we wish to congratulate the ANC as it celebrates its Centenary We Salute that history of Struggle, Sacrifice, Selflessness and Courage. We however call on the ANC to reflect and rediscover itself

Its past and its future are not necessarily in proper alignment


Written and released by the President of the African People’s Convention

Cde Themba Godi

Who also serves as the Chairperson of SCOPA in the National Assembly


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