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The APC Politburo on ANC NGC


The Politburo meeting on the 19th September 2010 at the APC headquarters in Johannesburg discussed a number of issues of National importance including its preparations for the Local Government Elections of 2011.

As well as the upcoming NGC of the governing party.


On the Governing party’s NGC the APC PB resolved as follows



The ANC NGC is a party internal matter about which the APC would ordinarily not comment about .But seeing that the ANC is the Governing party its decisions have some bearing on all of us. To the extend that they become Governing Policies.


It is the view of the APC  that the most crucial decision since 1994 that it must take is on its Economic Transformation since 1994 the ANC as a governing party has perused policies that has not transformed the Settlers Colonial Socio Economic relations the rich have become richer the poor have become poorer. Only a small group from the previously oppressed have been admitted into the Settlers Colonial Paradise whilst the majority have been wallowed in poverty and misery


The ANC has an opportunity it cannot afford to miss. To change course and follow a new and different Economic growth plan this new path must be characterized by radical state intervention in the economy.

From ensuring quick access to land by the land hungry masses. The creation of a fully fledged State bank beyond the Post bank  as well as the Nationalisation of strategic mineral resources like platinum gold diamonds coal ire ore  etc.


It is the APC’s contention that the political dividend of 1994 has not been followed by the economic dividend the APC says no amount of political freedom will satisfy the hungry masses.


We are thus making a call on the ANC delegates meeting in Durban to take decisions in the interest of the working class and the poor the

APC will be watching with keen interest the developments and decisions taken in Durban this week





For further details please contact:


Cde. Hlabirwa Mathume.

APC Secretary General.

Cell: 079 049 5596/ 076 525 4059.


Cde. Themba Godi.

APC President.

Cell: 082 464 2181.


Cde. Margaret Arnolds.

APC Publicity Secretary.

Cell: 083 958 0222

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