The 2011 Local Government elections are around the corner and judging by the vibe;  all parties are busy  preparing themselves.  But the news has been dominated the ructions in some parties around candidates selection or leadership battles.  I am pleased that so far none of these distractions have found their way into the APC.


The information at my disposal so far indicates that our preparations are going by the script, except that we seem to be slower than our deadlines.   It is also good to note that we have kept, and consolidated our national character in that we will be contesting in all the nine provinces.  The identification of candidates should be immediately followed by the building of campaign infrastructure around the candidates.  Comrades will recall that at our National Elections Summit in September 2010 (Durban) we resolved that the bedrock of our campaigns will be ward based and driven.  I am pleased to say that some of our candidates have hit the ground running.  We have set ourselves the task and target of a minimum of 10% of seats in all Municipal Councils but that our success should be qualitative as well, i.e. in each municipality we MUST win certain wards!!!  I can confirm that in certain municipalities there are Comrades who are campaigning to win!  The APC is now able to pull along all elements of society, including the backward ones!!


This is progressive.  We are heading for exciting times in the life of the APC.


Having said that, it is important for us to clearly articulate our progressive perspective on these elections.  Comrades, we as the APC must go all out and canvass for a big turnout on Election Day.  Voting is a democratic right that our people have.  We fought for it.  Many people paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives.  However, we understand the frustrations many have with the unresponsiveness of their public representatives.


The arrival of the APC must be seen as presenting an opportunity to break with the monotony of voting with no material meaning for their lives.  We have diagnosed that local government is challenged by a lack of capacity;  indifference to the wishes of the masses and corruption.  The APC’s presence in the municipalities should give communities a voice and the possibility to follow what is happening in councils and input thereto.  The lot of these middle class oriented parties engage in a lot of phrase mongering without any true commitment to the people.  Therefore for us to make a difference, our councillors will have to be clear about and stick to the proper Party Line – organisational, political and ideological.


At this point we want to encourage comrades to focus on the job at hand, of ensuring a massive victory for the APC in the coming elections.  This success will not be achieved through wishful thinking but hard work; led by our cadres.  As we should know a Party succeeds through the creativity, heroism and self-sacrifice of its cadres.  Once the political line is determined, cadres decide everything including the fate of that political line.  So for now the line of march is to campaign in the local elections for an APC victory.


Let me touch on something of the immediate past relating to party activities.  For the second year running we have declared the month of February Sobukwe Month.  This year’s activities were an improvement from what we had last year.  We were in Qwaqwa (Free State), Makapanstad (North West), Tubatse (Limpopo) and Soweto (Gauteng).  We had good media coverage as well.  I however think we can improve, have more and varied activities.  I hope the party will look into this and prepare in time.  I am also of the view that the leadership must organise material for distribution within the party to heighten appreciation of who Sobukwe is and the role he has played in our struggle. 


Well, the decks are cleared Comrades, the battle must be joined!  Let us go all out to canvass for an APC victory!  Nothing should stand on the way of an APC victory.  We must flatten mountains to achieve our goals.  Nothing, absolutely nothing should stand in our way.


We are making an appeal to the people – the urban and rural proletariat;  students; petty bourgeoisie, in short the masses of our people to use the platform of the APC to advance the collective needs of the majority.    These coming elections give us that opportunity.


Forever breaking new grounds;  forever APC!


The future is bright;  the road is tortuous.


Long live APC.



Comrade Themba Godi                                                                         

President, APC



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