Revolutionary greetings.


The local government elections (2011) have come and gone.  Once again our party, the APC has emerged with its head held high.  For this, I want to extend my sincerest revolutionary gratitude to all our Comrades who worked heroically to ensure this success.


Comrades will recall that this was our first local government elections.  We had no base to launch from.  These elections were the most challenging municipal elections since 1994.  There were over 120 registered parties taking part- ranging from village parties to national organisations.


The campaigning/contestations were quite vigorous.  We held our own;  comrades!  The APC was not drowned out, we stood out on the basis of our message and the areas of focus.  We were in the rural areas of Limpopo and Mpumalanga to the slums of Gauteng.  Essentially the APC was seen where the poorest of the poor lived.  We were there with the wretched of the earth!!   Our position as the flag bearers of the Left, of Pan-Africanism and Africanism was further cemented.  Beyond these elections the flag of the APC flies higher.  The future is bright, the road is, nonetheless, tortuous!


The APC has established a firm base of 29 Councillors from 7 provinces.  The votes for the APC has greatly improved from the General Elections of 2009 (actually we have doubled in percentage terms).  The APC is now in all respects in the top 10 of the political rankings in South Africa.  We are confident about the future of the party in the politics of our country.


Two things emerge beyond these elections: viz: that after the elections we should build the APC.  There has so far been two distinct phases of the dialectical movement of the APC.  The first was the APC from inception, the mobilisation and setting up an organisation, drafting a Constitution and developing  policies.  It was a frantic process of taking everything and everybody on board.  In short, trying to build up the numbers and the brand.  All, these were done with an eye on the looming 2009 elections.  It is now a matter of historical record that within that short space of time; with all its challenges the APC contested and survived the 2009 elections.  The second phase was post-2009 elections.  Comrades will recall that we immediately organised a National General Council (NGC) to develop and pull together the various ideas and things into a single coherent programme of Action;  hence our important document, MAKOMBA NDLELA.  The Revolutionary Programme of the APC.  We conceptualised and systematised organisational processes to give effect to the Constitutional Structuring of the organisation.  We also gave life to the character of the APC as a party of campaigns;  taking up issues that affect our people in both rural and urban areas.


The momentum of these processes took us to the local government elections (2011).  Now that these elections are past;  we must embark on another phase whose momentum should take us to the 2014 General Elections.  The focus from now going forward is building the APC – recruiting members in a more accountable manner;  build structures and pursue the (revolutionary) Mass Line;  as well as building party structures (allied organisations).  This is a task that must begin immediately.


It is heartening to note that many of our comrades are more energised coming out of these elections and are ready to work even harder.  This energy is welcome and must be harnested.  We have already discussed the broad framework of this important work in the Standing Committee, as well as the Politburo.


Our coming Extended-Central Executive Committee (CEC) in the first week of July (2011) in Mangaung will mark the beginning of this new phase in earnest.  We will before the end of 2011 have a National General Council (NGC) and a National Conference to elect members of the Central Executive Committee, amend the Constitution, review policies and adopt the party programme.  This is the phase of deepening participatory democracy and ensuring the comrades in all organs of the Party are popularly elected.  So; it is an immensely important phase that will profoundly consolidate the party.  We will also institutionalise political classes to develop cadres, deepen our links with the masses.


The second element out of these elections are the issues we picked up during our meetings and door-to-door campaigns.  The APC has committed itself to taking up these issues beyond the elections.  These should form the core of our political programme.  These range from basic service delivery issues to communities fighting predatory mining companies, to land restitution claims.  The APC must build a reputation of being reliable and keeping its promises.  The revolutionary Mass Line teach us that we do not have to invent imaginative political programmes but rather be amongst the people, take up their issues and provide leadership in having them addressed.


I do believe that there are valuable lessons we have picked up in these elections that will stand us in good stead going forward.  I hope our councillors will indeed be exemplary servant-leaders in the communities they serve.  That, and that alone, is what will bring glory to the APC.


I also want to thank all honest and right thinking South Africans who voted smartly, and Voted APC.  Their vote was not in vain;  it has given the APC strength and determination to do more in the interest of our people.


The APC remains a party steeped in the values and traditions of the Liberation Movement of people centeredness and popular democracy.  We are steadfast in our Vision of being a viable credible and progressive alternative governing party.


The APC is firm in striving for a society that is democratic in form, non-racial in character and socialistic in content.





Comrade Themba Godi                                                                         

President, APC

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