APC Congratulates ANC On Their Centenary Celebrations

The APC joins millions across our country, Africa and progressive humanity in saluting the ANC on its centenary celebrations

We must be courageous enough to acknowledge the many leaders and cadres produced by the ANC who have played a pivotal role in our struggle for Freedom.

One of the lessons from the history of the ANC is adaptability and a consistent link with the masses as a basis for continued political relevance.

The ANC as a Liberation party and the ANC in power are not necessarily similar in all aspects. The altruism of the Liberation struggle has been tainted in some way by the Materialism and abuse of office that are a challenge to all ruling Parties.

On this historic occasion the APC calls on the ANC to rediscover some of the values that had come to characterise it. Some within its ranks have used political office to serve personal interests at the expense of the Masses

The APC calls on the ANC to have the courage and determination expected of them by the masses to deal with corruption, which combined with inefficiency, threatens its legitimacy as a Liberation Party

The APC calls on the ANC to be more magnanimous towards other leaders like Robert Sobukwe, Zeph Mohopeng, Japhta Masemola, John Pokela etc for their role in our liberation Struggle.

May the Legacy of its past Leaders and Cadres sustain and guide the ANC into the future.

Happy Birthday ANC,  the APC Loves You!!

Issued by Cde Themba Godi

APC President

Contact details 082 464 2181




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