Under the competent leadership of Comrade Themba Godi (National President) and Comrade Themba Mbutu (Provincial Chair Person of KZN), the African Peoples Convention is expanding at a rapid pace nationally and more specific in the province of KwaZulu Natal.


During a time of rapid growth it is of utmost importance not to lose focus on, and give a lot of attention to, youth and women.


Therefore it is with great pride that the Provincial Executive Council of KZN can announce that Comrade Mlungisi Scott Ntshangase has been elected as National Youth Leader of the APC Youth League, on the 7th of March 2010, in Kroonstad - Freestate. Comrade Ntshangase previously formed part of the PEC of KZN and therefore we can say out of experience, he will be a leader that our youth can look up to and respect. In his own words; “It easy to make silly statements but it is not easy to make a difference, and that is what we want to achieve!”  


Comrade Ntshangase will be leading the APC Youth League to an electing conference that is scheduled for November 2010. During this time he will be visiting all nine provinces assisting them in gearing up the youth for this conference.


During October 2010 the APC Woman’s League will be hosting its first electing conference. We would like to call on all women to unite under the banner of the APC to enable us to become an even stronger alternative voice in Local, Provincial and National Government.


Currently the APC of KwaZulu Natal is busy with programmes in preparation for the Local Government Elections in 2011.


One of these programmes will be Ward Conferences, which will take place in all 11 districts. During these Conferences the APC will invite the communities to present their preferred candidates, irrespective of race and or colour, in conjunction with the members of the APC in those constituencies. These candidates will undergo an intense screening process based on: “No research. No practical Experience. No right to talk!” Only after this process the proposed candidates will become the face of the APC in those Constituencies. In light of the recent service delivery protests, the screening process enables the APC to determine whether these candidates will be suitable and able to lead their communities into a brighter future.


The leadership of the APC KwaZulu Natal hereby invites Ama-Africa, both dedicated men and women, to participate in the structures of the APC: “The Alternative Voice” to everyone.


          Tell no lies! Claim no easy Victories!


The APC’s Provincial Executive Council (KwaZulu Natal)

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