The APC's input on the President's Budget Vote Debate


Mr Speaker, Sir                                                                                                       12 May 2010

Comrades and honourable members.

Indeed this budget vote takes place at a time of heightened expectations and excitement due to the World Cup.  We are privileged both as a country and continent to be hosting the biggest sporting spectacle.

The APC calls on all South Africans to fully support our National team Bafana Bafana and all African teams in the spirit of Pan-African solidarity.  The APC hopes that the six African teams will do us proud.  Cameroon and Senegal have in the past raised the African flag high;  these teams have a unique opportunity to raise the flag higher.

Congratulations to government, SAFA and the LOC for a job well done in preparing for this occasion in a way that will enhance the global standing of our continent and people.  Those who have questioned our ability to host a successful world cup have been resoundingly proven wrong.

Having said that Cde President, we cannot nonetheless take our eyes off the ball;  i.e. continuous pursuance of the noble and strategic goals of transformation and good governance.  Sixteen years down the line transformation is still a journey.  It can not be acceptable that significant areas of our socio-economic life it remains untransformed and reflective of the yester years of minority domination.  It can neither be acceptable nor tolerable that the majority continue to suffer social and economic exclusion.

We fought for freedom to ensure change, change for the better in the lives of the African people in general and the working class in particular.  How government resources are used has a great bearing on the material conditions of the people.  There continues to be a pressing need Comrade President to ensure that accountability is accepted and practiced as a matter of course.  Public administration must serve the people as outlined in the Constitution;  in line with the Batho Pele principles.  There must be national consciousness and pride in serving the public.

As the Head of State, Cde President you have the responsibility to ensure that all of government adheres to and promotes good governance.

You have made a call for a culture change in government.  We need to see firm action to enforce compliance.

The APC thank you, Cde President for having all parties in parliament take part in the National days rallies.  Remember, it was a request from some of us.  However, the APC deplores the fact that on these same days some leaders organise side shows, conducting themselves in ways that do not foster that spirit of unity that was called for in the first instance.  The APC fully supports this inclusive approach.

We would be failing in our internationalist duties if we do not speak in support of the oppressed but heroic people of Palestine.   Our government must never lower its voice in demanding freedom for the Palestinians and condemning the deplorable conditions of their existence under Israeli oppression.  The Palestinians deserve their freedom.


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