The African People’s Convention Youth League (APCYL) would like to take the opportunity to strongly condemn the action of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) in the Western Cape and more specifically in the Metro of Cape Town.


In our opinion the relevant authorities must take strict action against any act of violence and/or vandalism committed by any citizen of our country.


The APCYL subscribe to the, “Campaign of Positive Action”, launched this weekend by the APC President Themba Godi in Welkom (Freestate), therefore we firmly believe that the actions of the ANCYL do not contribute POSITIVELY to the future of our people, country or continent. We firmly believe that there were and are systems in our democratic country that the ANCYL could have used, to achieve their goals before going on a campaign of destruction. No citizen who loves this beautiful country can justify these actions.


We are calling on the President of the ANC Mr. Jacob Zuma to bring the members of the ANCYL to order and where necessary discipline individuals involved in violence or vandalism.


In our opinion the leaders of the ANCYL failed to provide leadership that embrace a positive future for our country and continent. The lack of discipline and respect by the members of the ANCYL is a direct result of this.



Scotts Ntsjhangase

(President of the APCYL)


Cell:             +27 79 658 3258


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