Broad Ideology – Identity.

The African People’s Convention is underpinned by the following philosophy and ideology:

PAN-AFRICANISM: APC stands for a sociopolitical world view, which seeks to unify and uplift both native Africans and those of the African diasporas, as part of a "global African community". It therefore is underpinned by following ideologies:

SOCIALISM: APC stands for a socio-economic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to control by the community. These are some of the drivers:

  • Social justice,
  • Educational emancipation,
  • Democratic centralism,
  • HIV/AIDS scourge
  • Safety and security,
  • Vicious cycle of poverty,
  • Spiritual wellbeing
  • Up-liftment of the working class
  • Technological Advancement,
  • Religious diversity.

AFRICAN-NATONALISM: APC stands for one unified Africa

  • Existence of morality,
  • Cultural diversity,
  • Mental emancipation

CONTINENTAL UNITY: APC stands for unified continent

  • Self reliance,
  • Equality of all nations,
  • Diaspora (unity).

Internationally: The APC stands for a world free from the undemocratic and destructive hegemony of few over the majority. The APC stands for a just world order, of equality amongst the nations of the world. A world defined by solidarity and justice, free from wars, hunger and disease.

Continentally: The APC believes in the unity of Africa including the Diaspora. The APC believes that it is through the political, economic and military integration of the continent that Africa can lift herself out of this vicious cycle of poverty, stagnation and wars.

Nationally: the APC believes that South Africa’s development is the responsibility of all patriots.

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