Human trafficking

To Legalize or Decriminalize Prostitution is a major  contribution towards Human trafficking and a dangerous one .

It has been proven in resent research that countries where prostitution has been decriminalized

 there is a high volume of human trafficking in those countries.


Prostitution Drug abuse drug smuggling Human trafficking (for prostitution as well as muti) corruption of authorities are all in one basket.

It is a reality that 90% of the women in the industry are not willingly into it. The South African lawmakers are misguiding people by saying that prostitution is a Stone Age trade and unless they decriminalize it women will continue being abused by their “clients”.

The fact that it has been there for ages does not make it right. South Africa is one of the countries in the world with a very high rate of HIV\Aids and by encouraging Prostitution we are making it worse.

These women are not making the money for their own use the bulk of their income goes to the pimps.

In most of the cases these women  are  caught into doing this under false pretenses  they are recruited as waitresses chaperons  etc .They are then cohersed into using drugs which makes them dependant on their “bosses”. These girls are so dependent on their next fix that they would do anything even if it means having unprotected sex.

Missing Children South Africa as well as Missing Children international has been struggling with finding children that go missing around the world without a trace.

There has been numerous media coverage of issues pertaining prostitution and human trafficking

Klerksdorp Northwest  2009 Young girls drinks spiked at a 21st birthday party ages 14 and 16 older women offers to take them to her flat to accommodate them for the evening .during the course of the evening the girls were injected with more drugs .They needed a fix when they woke up  and this led to them being sent to the streets to Prostitute .


Durban 2008 Kids between the ages of 6 and 10 are kept captive fed with drugs through sweets.

Whilst they are high they are sold to sex buyer’s TThis happened in Point road Durban


Polokwane 2010 Girl found killed and body parts cut out for  muti

There's been  article in the media recently of human trafficking between South Africa and Mozambique

These are a few reported incidents that make the media there are children missing as far back as 1986 and even further back .

These girls have been gone for so long and all they live for is to serve their masters and remain alive

Making prostitution right in  their lives


African People’s Convention Youth and Women will spearhead a campaign that will call on South Africans to not allow our government or any Lawmakers in our country to allow Prostitution and human trafficking to take over the lives of our youth and our women

APCYL and WL will campaign for 1 million signatures to take to the National parliament as well as all Legislatures in all provinces expressing the views of the citizens of South Africa on Decriminalization on prostitution as well as human trafficking and the legislation that the people of South Africa wants as law


Contact the Publicity and Information secretary /National spokesperson of the APC

Margaret Sheron Arnolds


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