Resolutions of the CEC in Bloemfontein 4-5 December 2010

The African People’s Convention Extended CEC Meeting in Bloemfontein


The extended CEC meeting of the party meeting in Bloemfontein on 4-5 December 2010 to discuss preparations for LGE 2011 discussed and resolved amongst others :as follows.


Demarcation of wards: The extended CEC noted with concern and disapproval the haphazard and unwarranted redemarcation of the Municipal Wards every time there are elections. The APC is convinced that these demarcations are done as a manipulation of the elections. This is always done to address the fears and wishes of the governing party. The CEC resolved that the Demarcation board  must be engaged to express our concerns.


Nomination Process; The extended CEC reaffirmed the detailed nomination process as resolved in September National elections Summit (Durban). It was agreed that nominations  should proceed with the cut off date being the end of February 2011.


Participation The APC resolved and re-affirmed its commitment to contest in all municipalities in the LGE 2011.


Candidates  The APC resolved to provide itself as a platform based formations to participate in the LGE 2011.APC will be fielding amongst others traditional leaders< especially Headmen and Women as candidates. The APC will also field candidates from alliance partners


Alliance Summit. The CEC resolved that before the end of February we should call the first Alliance Summit of the APC and its allied structures. This will be to strengthen and consolidate our political relationship, drawup a programme and prepare for the LGE 2011.


Voter Registration The CEC resolved to actively canvass the people to register for 2011Local Government Elections.


New Members Today the APC signed a formal agreement with the KZN based Federal African Convention (FACO) that it will merge into the APC and contest elections under the APC. FACO currently has 9 councillors in KZN.

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