1. Why should people vote for the African People’s Convention?


The African People’s Convention is a serious party, with clear political and ideological perspective.

We have over the years been consistently on the side of the majority, thus the APC has championed the fight for good governance and accountability.

The APC has a revolutionary position on Local Government which is to ensure that the people are at the centre of service delivery, can make it happen monitor it.

The APC will ensure that the people participate in the budgetary process and have access to year end financial statements.


The APC bring credibility, dignity to the table, we want to break the momentum with the past of people voting without any material change in their lives


2 As a small party what difference have you made?


The APC punches above its weight .Our President chairs the committee on Public accounts in Parliament (SCOPA).

His excellent work is acclaimed by friend and foe. We also chair the same committee in Tshwane Metro.

This has had a huge impact on how our public funds are used. We are also assisting Traditional leaders (Headmen and Women) Driving School owners

Communities with land claim problems communities challenging the excess of mine companies in Limpopo and Northwest.

We have regular report back meetings on housing problems in Tembisa and surrounding areas. We are currently mobilising police reservists to fight for their rights. The APC is a party of campaigns taking up issues that affect our people. The position of the APC as an ALTERNATIVE VOICE is firmly established.


3 Where is your stronghold?

The 2009 NPE results has shown that the APC support is evenly spread through out the country how-ever in relation to this coming elections our key provinces are Limpopo Mpumalanga Free state North West Gauteng and eastern cape



4 What do you think the top issues in Local Government Are?

The APC believes that issues of viability, accountability and capacity of municipalities, together with the challenges of corruption, nepotism and abuse of access as well as a relationship between communities and their councillors are the key issues that will define this election.

These will however contest for top spot with the ever growing chorus of excel of betrayal and degeneration of the ANC from a Glorious Liberation Movement to a Giant on its knees politically and morally.


5 How will you work to get these things on the Agenda?

 Legislation and council procedure allow for issues coming from communities to be put on the agenda of ordinary council sittings


The APC will use that to ensure that communities have a voice but also influence the issues for discussion in the chambers. The APC will also invite affected communities whose issues is on the council agenda to attend council sittings to witness the debate on the issues and to see for themselves those who are frustrating their development al needs 









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